yii-bootstrap / lib / bootstrap / docs / templates / pages / examples.mustache

<!-- Masthead
================================================== -->
<header class="jumbotron subhead" id="overview">
  <h1>{{_i}}Bootstrap examples{{/i}}</h1>
  <p class="lead">{{_i}}We've included a few basic examples as starting points for your work with Bootstrap. We encourage folks to iterate on these examples and not simply use them as an end result.{{/i}}</p>

<ul class="thumbnails bootstrap-examples">
  <li class="span4">
    <a class="thumbnail" href="examples/hero.html">
      <img src="assets/img/examples/bootstrap-example-hero.jpg" alt="">
    <h3>{{_i}}Basic marketing site{{/i}}</h3>
    <p>{{_i}}Featuring a hero unit for a primary message and three supporting elements.{{/i}}</p>
  <li class="span4">
    <a class="thumbnail" href="examples/fluid.html">
      <img src="assets/img/examples/bootstrap-example-fluid.jpg" alt="">
    <h3>{{_i}}Fluid layout{{/i}}</h3>
    <p>{{_i}}Uses our new responsive, fluid grid system to create a seamless liquid layout.{{/i}}</p>
  <li class="span4">
    <a class="thumbnail" href="examples/starter-template.html">
      <img src="assets/img/examples/bootstrap-example-starter.jpg" alt="">
    <h3>{{_i}}Starter template{{/i}}</h3>
    <p>{{_i}}A barebones HTML document with all the Bootstrap CSS and javascript included.{{/i}}</p>
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