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Error running tests

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After installing all the dependencies (in Debian) and compiling the library (with no errors) I obtain the following output from the test bayesopttest:

{{{ Running C++ interface Bounds: 1 1 Sampling initial points... 1 ... 1 Initial theta: 1 Error:-4 Final theta: 1 DONE Error:-2 Iteration: 1 of 300 | Total samples: 31 Trying point at: 1 Best found at: 1 Best outcome: 10.0004 Error:-2 ... }}}

( Full output: )

I traced the error to function: nlopt_optimize

Any idea of what is wrong?

Your library looks great, thank you for sharing.

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  1. Ruben Martinez-Cantin repo owner

    Ignore error code -4. It is a warning about reaching the maximum number of iterations. But the result is good. On the other hand, error code -2 is important. Are you using the latests version (commit 63437ecfb410)?

    Which version of Debian, boost and nlopt are you using? In Ubuntu 11.x, I can't reproduce the problem.

  2. B0RJA reporter

    I have tested the library on another debian machine and I only get error code -4:

    Running C++ interface
    Sampling initial points...
    Initial theta: [1](0.06)
    Final theta: [1](0.185134)
    Iteration: 1 of 300 | Total samples: 31
    Trying point at: [1](0.55973)
    Best found at: [1](0.510021)
    Best outcome: 10.0004
    Iteration: 300 of 300 | Total samples: 330
    Trying point at: [1](0.559728)
    Best found at: [1](0.510021)
    Best outcome: 10.0004
    Final result C++: [1](0.510021)
    Final result C: (0.510021, )
    Elapsed time in C++: 79.44 seconds
    Elapsed time in C: 79.77 seconds

    I suposse something is wrong in my system not related to your library. Please, close the issue.

    The elapsed time in my computer is much smaller:

    Elapsed time in C++: 0.22 seconds
    Elapsed time in C: 0.2 second

    perhaps numpy is not running. I will write you if find the solution.

    Thanks for replying.

  3. B0RJA reporter

    The library works fine in Debian stable. I have tested in four different machines having problems only with (the one) Debian testing. I'm having other issues with this machine so I really think the problem is not related to your library.

  4. Ruben Martinez-Cantin repo owner

    Although DIRECT does not require initial point (therefore it was not initialized), NLOPT still checks if it is inside the search bounds. Returning the -2 error if it was not.

    It should be fixed in the last commit.

  5. B0RJA reporter

    I have tested the last commit and there are no more errors.

    I want to use your library to optimize (many) parameters in different fields of numerical simulation. Currently, I am using genetic algorithms for this task. My simulations are time consuming and I first need to implement your library with MPI to execute on cluster. I'll keep you informed of the results.

    Thank you very much for your support.

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