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 If you have doxygen installed on your computer, you can compile the
 documentation directly using cmake. 
-You just need to download UseDoxygen.cmake
-$ darcs get
-$ cd doxygen
-$ cmake . && make install
-Then, in the directy where bayesian-optimization is, use:
 $ cmake .
 $ make
 which includes some parallel processing functions that are not yet 
 supported in bayesian-optimization.
-This code has been tested using gcc and libgfortran and the equivalent version 
-of MinGW. Due to some limitations of the callbacks in Fortran 77, it doesn't 
-work in 64bit OS.
+I have only tested this code using gfortran on Windows, Mac OS X
+and Linux, but it should work with other fortran compilers like f77 or
 ===== b) Using NLOPT (default): =====