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Ruben Martinez-Cantin  committed 440ba98

Minor fix for Matlab under macos

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File doxygen/install.dox

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 \subsection instmatlab MATLAB/Octave interface:
 Make sure the library is compiled with the MATLAB_COMPATIBLE option
-using ccmake and configure Matlab/Octave to compile mex files. For
-example, in Matlab you can run to check the supported compilers:
+using ccmake. Undex Mac OS they must be shared. Also, configure 
+Matlab/Octave to compile mex files. For example, in Matlab you can run
+to check the supported compilers:
 >> mex -setup
 exportlocalpath.sh script before calling MATLAB.
 \section cinwin Windows and other systems:

File matlab/compile_matlab.m

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 if (ispc)
     if exist('../bin/Release/bayesopt.dll','file')
         disp('Compiling dynamic library');
-        mex -DBAYESOPT_DLL -v -output bayesoptcont bayesoptmex.c ...
+        mex -DBAYESOPT_DLL -output bayesoptcont bayesoptmex.c ...
             -L..\lib\Release -L. -lbayesopt ...
             -I..\include -I..\wrappers
-        mex -DBAYESOPT_DLL -v -output bayesoptdisc bayesoptdiscmex.c ...
+        mex -DBAYESOPT_DLL -output bayesoptdisc bayesoptdiscmex.c ...
             -L..\lib\Release -L. -lbayesopt ...
             -I..\include -I..\wrappers