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File doxygen/install.dox

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 modify the PATH variable or copy the dll files in the same bolder as
 the generated mexfile.
+\b Important: It is strongly recommended to compile bayesopt with
+exactly the same compiler that was select for mex files. For a list of
+the supported compilers for your Matlab version, you can check the
+online docs at mathworks. 
+Unfortunately, MinGW has never been suported by Matlab. Thus I have
+also included a Makefile to generate the mex files outside Matlab. You
+might need to change the \c MATLABROOT path with the root folder of
+your Matlab install and copy the dlls. Then, run \c mingw32-make. Note
+that \c mingw32-make only supports 32 bits libraries, so you need a 32
+bit Matlab install.

File matlab/bayesoptextras.h

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   if (val) {
     if( mxIsChar(val) ) {
-      printf("Loading %s. Size %d by %d", name, mxGetM(val), mxGetN(val));
       if ( mxGetString(val, result, 1+(mxGetM(val) * mxGetN(val)))) {
 	  mexErrMsgTxt("Error loading string.");

File src/nonparametricprocess.cpp

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     std::string name = parameters.surr_name;
-    FILE_LOG(logINFO) << "Using surrogate: " << name;
-    FILE_LOG(logINFO) << "Using kernel: " << parameters.kernel.name;
     if (!name.compare("sGaussianProcess"))
       s_ptr = new GaussianProcess(dim,parameters);
     else  if(!name.compare("sGaussianProcessML"))