Segmentation Fault EGO

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mashall aryan
created an issue

I get Segmentation fault from running EGO on an 18 dimensional expensive optimisation problem. A set of ~320 or more observed points exist in the beginning. I have included the log file and the ones related to initial and final states.

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  1. Ruben Martinez repo owner

    If you recompile the library in DEBUG mode (for example: cmake -D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug .), it will give more information about the Segmentation Fault.

    Meanwhile, It seems that your function is ill-defined in terms of the GP as the optimal parameters are all [1, 1, ... ,1]. It could be that the noise level is wrong (too high or too low), also the sGaussianProcessML is known to be unstable. Better use a standard GP or a Student's t process. SC_MAP is also more stable than SC_ML.

    The "hacking BOBYQA" message is because the optimal is in the boundary, that might also a signal that the model is wrong.

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