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NLopt is a library for nonlinear local and global optimization, for
functions with and without gradient information.  It is designed as
as simple, unified interface and packaging of several free/open-source
nonlinear optimization libraries.

The latest version and a complete manual may be found at the NLopt
home page:

It is compiled and installed with the standard GNU autoconf/automake
	make install
(See './configure --help' or the INSTALL file for other options.)

Once it is installed, #include <nlopt.h> in your C/C++ programs and
link it with -lnlopt -lm.  You may need to use the C++ compiler to link
in order to include the C++ libraries (which are used internally by NLopt,
even though it has a C API).

The minimization function, nlopt_minimize, is described in the man
page (api/nlopt_minimize.3, which is installed by 'make install'.

Interfaces for other languages may be added in the future.