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Added a few comments on where I need to figure out some things related to freezing in surface flows.

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 end subroutine SurfaceTHUpdateSurfBC
+! RTM: TODO: Figure out how this needs to be modified for surface freezing.
 ! ************************************************************************** !
 !> This routine updates source/sink term for the subsurface model
         local_id = cur_connection_set%id_dn(iconn)
         ghosted_id = surf_grid%nL2G(local_id)
+        ! RTM: TODO: I think this is incorrect in the case of surface freezing.
         ! Compute densities:
         call density(surf_global_aux_vars(ghosted_id)%temp(1), &
   ff_p = 0.d0
   Res  = 0.d0
+  ! RTM: Does this computed density get used anywhere?
   call density(option%reference_temperature,option%reference_pressure,rho)
   xc => surf_realization%discretization%grid%x