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Mentioned MacPorts and made small tweaks to Cygwin slide.

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 \item intel-12.1.5/13.1.2
 \item pgi-12.5/13.3
+\item Note: On Mac OS/X, Xcode compilers are much older. 
+We recommend installing new ones via MacPorts (\url{}).
 \item {\bf Set environment variables:}
 \begin{frame}{\bf Installing on Windows with Cygwin}
-\item A Unix-like (POSIX compliant) environment can be obtained using 
-Cygwin on Windows.
+\item Cygwin provides a Unix-like (POSIX) environment on Windows.
 \item Download setup-x86.exe from \url{}. \\
       (Can also use setup-x86\_64.exe for 64-bit version, but packages 
       are less stable and some manual tweaking of build files will be