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Support for amd64. Slaves are now successfully serving on the extra tcp power, and the master is using it. We are *this* *close* to slaves tasking other slaves.
the slave is now creating a server socket and the master connects to it (as a test) next we'll have the master use it instead of the persistent socket. The persistent socket is for maintenance, not program startup.
There's another gob issue. Putting the net.Addr in the SlaveArgs breaks the reading of the gob. I guess it will have to be a string
That change sucked. It did little but break things. Start over.
First set of changes so that slaves can export a socket used by other slaves -- and eventually the master.
Fixed off by one error
better version
andreys sugestions in, works fine. Except that it increments 0xff to 0 by mistake, oh well.
a more go-like version?
improvements from andrey
finally working.
fix idiot bug
watch the box
this is arguably really not right but this needs to get done somehow.
Beginnings of struct to track workers, so we can do things like stdin. Still not sure this is right; should think about an interface that satisfies io.Writer and that drives output.
fix incorrect arg ordering. Private mounts work. Things clean up. next on the list: tree spawn. But nodes go away today so the heck with it.
add unshare since we can't clone newns
more error checking! Go doesn't tolerate stupidity as well as the kernel does. Hr: Enter commit message. Lines beginning with 'HG:' are removed.
more error checking but there may be a go issue too. We'll see.
remove more stupid output.
less output to stdout, more to log
more debug prints
more error cases -- something is ugly on the ARM!
Fixing more bugs. -localbin is fine, but pushing binaries is badly messed up.
make privatemount an option.
fix missing root while opening file.
after major rework it's back again. Now for arm, osx
get the local/remote file name bits right.
Fix up logging.
debug prints
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