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-l is needed to run binaries from the host

when -l is not used, i get a: buffer exhausted error

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  1. ron minnich repo owner

    This is not a helpful report.

    bpsh -l does not run binaries from the host -- it runs the ones that are there on the node.

    bpsh -l what? what was the command? what happened?

    Please put in a lot more info.

  2. cmkinne reporter

    bpsh 0 /bin/date bpsh: /lib/ Buffer exhausted: Cannot allocate memory

    it alwasy does this if i dont include the -l. don saw it and said that it shouldn't need to use the -l. im just reporting it

  3. ron minnich repo owner

    Need a bit more.

    uname -a

    was this a vm. If so, how much vm is free on your machine. How much memory in the machine. You need to strace the bpsh command to see who is producing the error -- bpsh, the bpmaster, the slave?: this is a really sucky error message and it's don's or my fault.

    But, overall, you need to do a bit more digging to hone in on where the problem is occurring.



  4. cmkinne reporter

    uname -a: Linux laptop 2.6.31-22-generic #60-Ubuntu SMP Thu May 27 00:22:23 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux

    the bpsh cmd is being ran from my local machine

    free: 79644

    ill run strace and look deeper into it to see where its being done at.

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