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we don't need this forth -- we have a package now
get rid of our own version of unmount. It's now in syscall.
start.go: beginning of a program to user forth() and replace the various start*go common.go, cleanup main.go, call runSlave master.go, slave.go: make things a bit more resilient: time out instead of stupidly dying. We're seeing some hangs now but overall the system is enough better that it's in rc.local
Getting gproc up to date for kane. Man, I forgot how fast it is!
Simple change because we were overwhelming the front end.
getting it fixed for new usage.
Working with hierarchy, now for large scale testing. The stack stuff is working well. But are the args for strcat backwards?
cleanup for Split limitation; it can split to an empty string
this works. But Split is really really stupid. If you have two spaces at the wrong place it stores tokens with a space in front. yegads.
first pass. We won't use scanner package for now for reasons defined in the code (we tried it, it was not really right)
say goodbye to locales. We tried, we failed.
more fixes, almost done
nice try but. net.LookupIP is useless.
update copytostrongbox and INSTALL instructions.
Use the old template for now.
remove web for now. No time to fix.
fix Split
Add web port. Fix sill error in kfcfg.go Fix other make errors for latest go 'weekly' rev.
fail fast is not always best
node failure detection
unreliable node failure detection. Sigh.
simple fixes
clean up but we're not done.
no longer used, may be used in future but let's clean up
John Floren
Tweaked README
more text
John Floren
added a bit more explanation
John Floren
merged with gproc-dev
John Floren
merged with gproc-dev
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