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Get etckeeper out, add git & svn

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-# Load up a few things needed to do the rest with fabric
+# Install some Ubuntu dev essentials, inc a system fabric install, via pip
-# keep track of what get's changed
-echo -n "'Human' name for hg: " ; read name
-echo -n "Email address for hg: "; read email
-echo "
+# setup initial .hgrc
+if ! grep '\[ui\]' $HOME/.hgrc &>/dev/null ; then
+    echo -n "Human name for hg: " ; read name
+    echo -n "Email address for hg: "; read email
+    echo "
 username = $name <$email>
 verbose = True
+" >> $HOME/.hgrc
+    git config --global user.name "$name"
+    git config --global user.email "$email"
-precommit = etckeeper pre-commit -d `pwd`
-" >> $HOME/.hgrc
-sudo apt-get -q --yes install etckeeper mercurial
-sudo bash -c "cat <<<'VCS=\"hg\"' >>/etc/etckeeper/etckeeper.conf"
-sudo etckeeper init
-sudo etckeeper commit 'Genesis'
+sudo apt-get -q --yes install mercurial git subversion
 # ssh server, on which fabric relies, and curl, which gets used here-n-there
 sudo apt-get -q --yes install openssh-server curl