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Install and setup python virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper

from os import getenv
from datetime import datetime
from textwrap import dedent
from fabric.operations import sudo
from path import path

from utils import *

DEFAULT_ENV_DIR = 'python-envs'

def install_virtualenv(env_user, env_dir=DEFAULT_ENV_DIR):
    """Install virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper, optionally setup for a user"""
    sudo("pip install virtualenv virtualenvwrapper")
    home = path(run("ls -d ~%s" % env_user))
    env = { 'user': env_user, 'dir': home/env_dir }
    sudo("test -e %(dir)s || mkdir -p %(dir)s && chown %(user)s:`id --group %(user)s` %(dir)s" % env)
    sudo('export WORKON_HOME=%(dir)s ; source /usr/local/bin/' % env, user=env_user)
    bashrc = home/".bashrc"
    if bashrc.exists():
        script = '''
        export WORKON_HOME=%(dir)s
        source /usr/local/bin/
        ''' % env
        append_file(bashrc, dedent(script), "## Updated by rmsfab on " + str(