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Ensure strange #ifdef on enum value works for BrogueX. Fixes non-working mouse events on PC build.

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 		return true;
-	#if defined(TCOD_EVENT_MOUSE) || defined(__ANDROID__)
+	// TCOD_EVENT_MOUSE is an enum value, not a define.  Does not compile with mingw or android.
+	#if defined(TCOD_EVENT_MOUSE) || defined(BROGUEX_FEATURES)
 	if (bufferedKey.vk == TCODK_NONE) {
 		TCOD_sys_check_for_event(TCOD_EVENT_KEY_PRESS | TCOD_EVENT_MOUSE, &bufferedKey, &mouse);
 	} else {
-		#if defined(TCOD_EVENT_MOUSE) || defined(__ANDROID__)
+		#if defined(TCOD_EVENT_MOUSE) || defined(BROGUEX_FEATURES)
 		TCOD_sys_check_for_event(TCOD_EVENT_KEY_PRESS | TCOD_EVENT_MOUSE, &key, &mouse);
 		key = TCOD_console_check_for_keypress(TCOD_KEY_PRESSED);
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