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There are several ways to control the game.

* Touching tiles.
* Directional movement.
* Keyboard.


Simply touch the character or UI element you wish to interact with.  If your device has too small a screen to allow accurate tile touching,
then you can use the standard pinch and zoom gesture that you might use when viewing maps, pictures or web pages on your mobile device.


If you choose to enable the "Move Tapping Layer" menu item, you can tap areas of the screen to move.

* Upper left: up and left.
* Upper center: up.
* Upper right: up and right.
* Middle left: left.
* Middle: rest.
* Middle right: right.
* Lower left: down and left.
* Lower center: down.
* Lower right: down and right.

To switch to this touch mode, check the Options / Move tapping layer menu item.  And to switch back, uncheck the menu item.

When your inventory is displayed, you can press the "up" to go up an item, "down" to go down an item and "left" to exit the inventory. If you are asked to press a key to continue, just touch the screen anywhere.


If you have an external keyboard for your device, then you may use it to play the game.  Note that there is no escape key, and
where you would otherwise use escape, you can instead use space.  That is, to dismiss UI items and the like.