Immunity message "the object is unaffected" printed incorrectly sometimes

Issue #106 open
Stone Dog created an issue

As per title, drinking one and then selecting a damaged, non-metallic object will print the message "the object is unaffected".

Applying them from the [y]use menu has no effect: the potion is not used and no message will be printed.

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  1. GlassGo

    Did you check item you selected for Mending? I use spell Mending, and had such message too, but my backpack IS repaired.

    The only problem, this spell somehow bites off a chank from Mana pool - was 94(green)\114, becomes 90(green)\114, then 86(green)\114, and so on. After rest, all Mana fully recovered, so I don't know, maybe it's how this spell work?

  2. Stone Dog reporter

    That is indeed the case. I've updated the title.

    What I said in the OP still stands, and should be fixed.

  3. RMTEW FULL NAME repo owner

    To me it looks like this is a combination of problems:

    • When you target an item in your inventory, you get some unrelated message about it being unaffected.
    • The targeting constraints are not applied, at least when it is drunk as a potion. So this should theoretically work on metallic items.

    Both are general problems with all items which work in this way.

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