API spelling correction

Issue #11 resolved
RMTEW FULL NAME repo owner created an issue

inherant -> inherent

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  1. RMTEW FULL NAME reporter

    Percieves -> Perceives

    D:\VCS\GIT\Roguelike\incursion-roguelike\inc\Api.h(349):system uint16 T_CREATURE::Percieves(hObj:T_THING); D:\VCS\GIT\Roguelike\incursion-roguelike\inc\Api.h(382):system int16 T_CREATURE::SpellRating(rID eID,int32 mm=0,bool percieved=false);

  2. K M

    Breech of code -> breach of code (I noticed it in Fight.cpp several times, enough to make me go berserk as an English major)

  3. RMTEW FULL NAME reporter

    thats not in the api function names the modules use to call back into the game engine

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