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Issue #145 duplicate

Red Dialogue box freeze/crash

Jesse Sawyer
created an issue

I can't figure out what is triggering it, but every so often my game will freeze and I will have to end it in the task manager. When this happens, the red dialogue box that pops up midscreen begins to form, but never finishes. The only error I see in the console is Error:Couldn't open charname.sav. Charname is whatever character I'm playing, not the actual message. Once this happens, that save is essentially ruined. Every time I reload, it happens again within so many turns.

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  1. Jesse Sawyer reporter

    That's the one. I tried to get a screen shot but it wouldn't take. It only got the screen beneath it. Just like his, the box never says anything. It doesn't get far enough.

  2. RMTEW FULL NAME repo owner

    Does anyone have Visual Studio 2008 and know how to debug against it, who is experiencing this? I can provide a debug build with pdbs, which can be attached to.

  3. RMTEW FULL NAME repo owner

    Let's try something different:

    1. Download Process Explorer.
    2. Extract it ready for use.
    3. Run Incursion and play it.
    4. When Incursion gets into the problem state, leave it frozen.
    5. Run Process Explorer.
    6. Select the Incursion process with the right mouse and see the menu.
    7. Select Create Dump (it comes after Debug, Temp, Create Dump) menu.
    8. Select the menu option Create minidump.
    9. Compress the minidump file you just saved.
    10. Upload it and be sure to mention what version of Incursion it came from.

    And hopefully, it will provide the relevant detail.

  4. Martin Fell

    I think the problem is related to summoning. Several times I've had this crash occur, reloaded a backup, dismissed a summoned monster (or killed a monster that had summoned others), and the crash happens every time. It seems that some of the time, something goes wrong with a summoned monster and when that monster is dismissed, the crash occurs.

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