Alignment problems

Issue #176 resolved
So Meone created an issue

Some characters seem to be getting penalties / restrictions from the wrong alignement - have attached bugs showing: True Neutral / Good / Lawful characters getting evil & chaotic / evil / chaotic roll penalties (there's a nearby creature that shows this if you attack it in the saves - hopefully obvious), and
a True Neutral character not being allowed to become an Assassin due to "being good"

The saves are labeled with the bugs

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  1. John Olender

    Some quick, non-exhaustive tests for this issue:

    • Create a new, non-lawful character and immediately attempt to multiclass to a barbarian. This should be successful.
    • Repeat as above, but with a lawful alignment. This should be unsuccessful.

    The issue was introduced in 1d9be409c8d362b702fada6a47d1e5d1f7818fc5. Attached is a patch which reverts the behavior, but keeps the intent of the original change. See the commit message in the patch for more details.

  2. RMTEW FULL NAME repo owner

    Compilation warning fixes broke alignment checks, resulting in penalties and restrictions for the wrong alignments. Reported by John Olender, with patch. Fixes #176

    → <<cset 29235a5fdc91>>

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