Assigning shift+movement to run does not affect roguelike keyset (vikeys).

Issue #183 resolved
dck k created an issue

Which seems odd because it affects both arrow keys and numpad input.

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  1. RMTEW FULL NAME repo owner

    Can you give me clear reproduction steps that describe exactly what someone who knows nothing would need to know to understand what the problem is?

    I play Incursion at a basic level compared to you :-)

  2. dck k reporter

    Of course, I don't even use vikeys myself which is why I'd never noticed until now.

    1-Start game on default settings.

    2-Turn on roguelike keyset.

    3-Set the Shift arrow keys option to run.

    4-Now if you try to run with shift+ numpad / arrow keys it'll work, but it won't if you try to do it with shift+ roguelike keys (hjklyubn).

    (5-the effect is replicated by pressing , and one of the roguelike keys but this isn't exactly a comfortable thing to do with human-shaped hands :P)

  3. RMTEW FULL NAME repo owner

    If the user set 'Roguelike Keyset' to 'ON' and 'Shift Arrow Keys' to 'Run', shift and any of the 'vi keys' would not result in the player running. This is an artifact of the move from Allegro to libtcod. There's a special place in hell reserved for the SDL developers and their new API which goes lowest common denominator in order to cram in support for the mobile experience. If someone presses 'h' it is a text event, if someone presses shift+'h' it is a key event with the shift modifier. Ugh. Fixes #183. May break something, but hopefully not.

    → <<cset d60f2010bf7f>>

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