The small mud elemental protects your %melee_weapon%

Issue #185 resolved
Georgy Vlasov created an issue

While fighting mud elementals, sometimes a message pops up saying that a mud elemental protects your weapon, whereas mud elementals cause your weapons to rust. That message seems to be wrong. It seems to pop up when you have got a successful reflex save against rusting while attacking the mud elemental. Maybe it should be "you protect your melee weapon", or "the small mud elemental fails to corrode your weapon" or something like that, currently it just doesn't make sense.

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  1. RMTEW FULL NAME repo owner

    The victim oriented message shown to bystanders when an attack attempt was towards a weapon, rather than it's wielder, was about the actor rather than the victim. This meant a mud elemental attacking a weapon would result in a message describing the weapon to be the mud elemental's rather than the wielders. Fixes #185

    → <<cset 7859bb068c1e>>

  2. Georgy Vlasov reporter

    By the way, the commit shows that only a changelog was changed. How can I find ingame texts? I often see grammar mistakes, I would like to start sending pull requests correcting those.

  3. RMTEW FULL NAME repo owner

    You can browse the latest source code here on bitbucket.

    If you were to want to have an offline copy of the source code, you can also download the latest, but if you wished to ensure you had the latest but not keep downloading it - you could install git and fetch the source code that way (lots of articles on the web about this) and then getting the latest source code changes is as easy as "git pull" command. And you can see what changes have been made with other commands.

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