Red Box Freeze on "Enter" operation

Issue #187 resolved
Karagy created an issue

Applay "Enter" operation to most objects cause RedBox (as in issue #145) with application Freeze (for short RBF). For attached save it reproducible for me: press 'y', 'u', Enter key (i.e. call "Enter" on self square) - cause RBF; press 'y', 'u', select fountain, Enter key, select fountain or floor - cause RBF.

If needed, I can prepare minidump, as described for issue #145

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  1. RMTEW FULL NAME repo owner

    Doing an enter action via the 'y' use menu did not validate the target object type before sending the event, and the script engine would choke when it found that whatever it was the player was trying to enter, was not a portal. Reported by Karagy, with handy save file. Fixes #187

    → <<cset 6e67101dc1bf>>

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