Add menu option for non-crash minidump production in Error() and Fatal()

Issue #217 resolved
RMTEW FULL NAME repo owner created an issue

The original reason google breakpad was disabled, was because crashes were reported where the Error() calls which forces display of an message and related information to the player, were also dumping minidumps without a related crash. This works in general, but was not working in this case.

It is however, a very handy feature. So it should be optionally reenabled - perhaps by a setting if it is safe to call the setting in Error() and Fatal().

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  1. RMTEW FULL NAME reporter

    When Google Breakpad minidumping was first added, it was promptly removed when people started complaining that Error() would crash trying to do a minidump. Now in release builds, which are the only ones with Breakpad support, the Error() function allows the user to choose to try and drop a minidump. Fixes #217

    → <<cset 1059f7e35ffb>>

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