game crash when moving to next floor "assert failed"

Issue #236 resolved
Esran Zarnath created an issue

After Maeve summoned 7 or 8 halfling warriors to mess with me, I went up the stairs to escape. Now, whenever I try to go back downstairs the game crashes. Savefile attached to show problem, because I can't describe it better.

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  1. RMTEW FULL NAME repo owner

    Thanks! The save file is perfect, and allows both reproduction and hopefully determining that the problem is fixed.

    If you can compress future save files (I'm on expensive bandwidth) it'd be appreciated.

  2. RMTEW FULL NAME repo owner

    Moving between levels crashes when an illusion stops as days pass and then the UI is refreshed but the 'between levels' coordinates of -1, -1 choke everything that consumes them. Reported by Esran Zarnath. Fixes #236.

    → <<cset e915371a4ed7>>

  3. RMTEW FULL NAME repo owner

    You should be able to work around this crash, by getting rid of all your illusions, and then going down. The problem is that when you go down time passes, and the illusion gets dispelled, and ... bug gets caused because it happens between levels.

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