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Marshall Payton created an issue

First - i would like to say i greatly enjoy this game. I love the idea behind it and the Roguelike game type is perfect in general for this type of game. Kudo's are in order for a great game, in general. That being said i only have one really big issue. So after talking with some of the other people i know playing the game and getting their opinions i decided to post this. Normally i dont complain about random dice generator, but when your dice generator rolls 1 for 12 turns in a row causing me to drown on a DC 10 swim check, i had an 8 to swim so all i needed was a 2 to survive but the game just wouldnt roll anything over a 1. Personally i feel your Random Dice Generator really needs to be looked at. Another example is when trying to cast a spell with an 85% success rate and having it roll failure 5+ times in a row is just stupid. There is definitely something wrong with this games "random" dice generator and it needs a huge revamp.

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  1. RMTEW FULL NAME repo owner

    I've polled users and provided the link to this issue, and no-one else is reporting problems. Given we're using a commonly used generator, unless there's a save game which allows the problem to be obviously reproduced, there's not much more that can be done.

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