Training luck doesn't work

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Loderr Loderr
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When travelling at depth below your character level luck development score is gained properly, but at the end it just exceeds 100 percent and keeps raising without giving inherent luck bonus and resetting to 0 as intended. Steps to reproduce: Load save, go find some foes to kill at current depth, look at character sheet.

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  1. Loderr Loderr reporter

    There's a stat block at the top. You need the string that looks like "LUC: X/Y [N/N] (...)", where X is current luck score, Y is luck development score, N/N is primary/secondary luck modifier and stuff in round brackets corresponds to luck bonus. Should Y be >= 100 then X increments by one and Y resets to zero, other stuff to the right gets modified accordingly. That's it.

  2. First Last

    To fix that need to replace in the player.cpp: needed = 100; to needed = 99; For all attributes, because if X will be 0 in "100 - X" then that inherant bonus also doesn't trigger.

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