Crash when shooting acid blob on slime terrain

Issue #26 resolved
RMTEW FULL NAME repo owner created an issue

From old bug tracker.

NOTE: attached save game not retrievable.

Take the ranger to the slime room to the north and shoot the acid blob lurking to the east with an arrow. The game will crash (consistently).

I think it's a terrain issue, either from the acid blob dying while on slime or from the arrow landing on slime.

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  1. RMTEW FULL NAME reporter

    Comment by Jussi Ylikahri (Kalkkis) - Friday, 20 June 2008, 06:21 GMT-7 I have had crashes when I'm trying to shoot afraid undead in river or turbulent water. It seems that bolt were being displaced at shore of the river, not where they landed. The game would crash if I would shoot the monster when it was far from the shore, I suppose it couldn't place the ammo. This might be related if game refuses to place ammo in acid clouds.

  2. RMTEW FULL NAME reporter

    This would also be related to reports of crashes when missiles land on magma. Generally when missiles are filed over and land on an area of "TF_WARN" terrain, they cannot be placed, and are destroyed/lost.

    See this report with save file and minidump.

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