Mismatch between object registry ids and object pointers

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Yclept Nemo
created an issue

There are many instances where object pointers are coerced to object ids (undefined behaviour, especially on x86_64). A null pointer and a null id are both zero so some are simple to fix - mismatches involving false or NULL. Most others involve StatiIter_RemoveCurrent_ (and variants) from inc/Map.h and aren't straightforward. I assume this could be a source of bugs.

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  1. RMTEW FULL NAME repo owner

    64 bit compilation is enabled, but not officially supported. The only reason I added it for Windows, was because I had similarly added it to the Windows build for libtcod. However, so many of the dependencies come from the dawn of time - the C compiler, the accent compiler compiler, even Incursion itself is quite old.

    Any pull requests would be appreciated, but I'm not planning to spend time on this any time soon. Not for lack of a desire to see 64 bit builds working, but rather because 32 bit works, and there are so many other problems.

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