Problems with Knock and Auto-Knock

Issue #28 open
RMTEW FULL NAME repo owner created an issue

From mirror of old bug tracker.

If you have Auto-Knock set, it does not trigger after trying to pick a lock. It DOES trigger after kicking or attacking a door, however. If you happen to break down the door on the attempt, the game will continue to cast knock forever with no way of stopping it unless you fail a casting.

Casting the Knock spell does not unlock chests.

Auto-Knock does not seem to work properly with chests. If you attack a chest, it will trigger (as above) but it never seems to open the chest.

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  1. RMTEW FULL NAME reporter

    Auto-knock only works if lock picking fails, if auto-kick is also set. This might be because auto-knock is embedded in the action of trying to destroy something, whereas moving it out of there may enable better auto-knock support.

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