[E]xit or [C]ontinue error on generating level 1

Issue #33 resolved
Dieno Spuzic created an issue

On reincarnating a character that had died recently, I get this error message while generating level 1 of the Goblin Caves;

Error: ASSERT failed: 'RES(wtList[i])->Type == T TENCOUNTER' in file .\Src\Encounter.cpp, line 606. [E]xit or [C]ontinue?

Pressing C actually allows the generating to continue.

Probably the game hiccups when trying to create a creature that doesn't exist? Posted as minor bug because it doesn't actually crash to desktop or otherwise impede the game. I remember similar errors being spat out by previous versions of Incursion.

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  1. RMTEW FULL NAME repo owner

    The minidump isn't much help in this case. If when this happens, the game can be saved and then reloaded reproducing the problem as part of the loading process, than an attached save game would be ideal. But this problem is so easily reproduced, that you do not need to bother.

  2. RMTEW FULL NAME repo owner

    Remove 'aboleth, with slaves' enconter from the 'flooded cavern' region. There is no aboleth, with or without slaves defined, so some characters would give the break, exit, continue menu (and maybe crash). closes #33

    → <<cset 2221493ea5b9>>

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