[R]ecall Monster Partly Broken

Issue #46 resolved
Stone Dog created an issue

In the [D]isplay Character Menu, some categories in the [R]ecall Monster function are broken: at the start of the list they display "(Resource Zero)", then a couple of Gear Kits and then a huge list of monsters (obviously not all of them related to that category).

Note that this was already not working in 0.6.9Y3.

While we're on topic, some other categories (i.e. mimics, yuan-ti) are empty, but those could be unimplemented. Also, the list for every monster category could be ordered alphabetically, instead of what they are now.

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  1. RMTEW FULL NAME repo owner

    Character sheet recall monster option allows a user to read a card detailing the selected monster type. However, certain monster categories were not displaying correctly because the value was bumped 100000 as an indicator and the value's variable was an int16. Reported by Stone_Dog@Bitbucket. Fixes #46

    → <<cset a0925b928430>>

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