Spell: Spook -- multiple bugs

Issue #65 resolved
Frumple created an issue
  1. Doesn't show as a persistent effect in bottom right corner of playing field
  2. Cannot be canceled via the x prompt.
  3. Sleeping does not cause the effect to dispel.
  4. The spook effect can stack on top of itself. This inflicts cumulative penalties to anything in range.

Attached is a starting character with the spell learned. Just cast it a few times and observe.

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  1. RMTEW FULL NAME repo owner

    Why should it dispel when sleeping? Are there any similar things that dispel when sleeping that assert a general rule it should follow?

    I suspect most of the fixes that would result from these observed problems would also apply to other buff/persistent spells and the like, as general fixes.

  2. RMTEW FULL NAME repo owner

    Is there anywhere explicit that says persistent spells only last till sleeping? I can't see any code that enforces this.

  3. Frumple reporter

    Closest I'm seeing to something explicit is in the manual in the spellcasting section: "Some spells, such as resist fire and bull's strength, offer protection or enhancement that lasts a full day." With incursion generally abstracting a full day as "until next rest" rather than actually tracking a 24 hour period.

    As a general thing, though, every persistent spell lasts until resting -- this is the behavior for all but a couple of persistent spells. There's a few of exceptions, but they generally note they're one-off effects or whatnot in their descriptions. Persistent spells as a rule, though, consume held mana, and once you rest, the spell dispels and you get the held mana back. With spook, once you rest, you get the held mana back and the spell doesn't cancel, which is notably inconsistent.

    The behavior is fairly easy to check with something like /mage armor/, /bless/, or /lifesight/ with a starting caster.

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