Spell: Summon swarm -- enemies stuck in the bug cloud will not move

Issue #71 resolved
Frumple created an issue

As per title. Enemies inside a swarm of bugs will often (always? There may be some enemies immune to the problem.) refuse to move until the swarm dissipates.

Attached is a character with the spell learned, and a shadow ooze immediately nearby, and already inside a swarm, for experimentation.

This may be a general issue with Line of Sight blocking effects, which would likely warrant a priority increase.

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  1. RMTEW FULL NAME repo owner

    Monsters try and move outwards of bad fields they may be standing within. However, they also refused to move to spaces within bad within fields. These are now reconciled, and they will accept moves to spaces within bad fields IFF they are already on a space in a bad field. Closes #71

    → <<cset b514f1d76af3>>

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