Confusion between "Augment Spell" and "Augment Summoning" feats

Issue #96 resolved
Karagy created an issue
  1. In Help -> Feat Descriptions:
  • In list of metamagic feats - noted only "Augment Spell"
  • In "Individual Feat Descriptions" - described only "Augment Summoning" and it not marked as "[Metamagic]"
  1. In character Feat Manager can be picked only "Augment Summoning".
  2. For character with picked "Augment Summoning" feat, in Spell Manager - appears the "Augment Spell" meta modifier, and it can be applied to spells.

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  1. RMTEW FULL NAME repo owner

    Made 'Augment Summoning' an official metamagic feat. Reported by Karagy. Closes #96 Note that if the only metamagic you have is this one, the spell manager will simply say 'Au[g]ment Spell' in the metamagic listing; this is not a compound noun, but a verb phrase. Players are expected to be able to reconcile this to their 'Augment Summoning' feat. View the line with multiple metamagic feats, to see the pattern.

    → <<cset e192e7713906>>

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