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Scaffold 2.0


Scaffold 2.0 can be installed by clicking the link to the xpi file (also available on the downloads page).


One of the charms of Zotero is the ability to save item metadata and associated files (like PDFs) directly from a wide range of websites. For this, Zotero depends on translators, which are JavaScript files telling Zotero how to retrieve this data.

In Zotero 1.0, translators were stored in a SQL database. To facilitate translator development, the Zotero team developed the Firefox add-on Scaffold, allowing developers to easily modify and debug translators. However, Scaffold was never updated for Zotero 2.0, where translators are stored as separate files, and thus can be edited directly in any coding environment.

Still, some users expressed some attachment to Scaffold. Even for Zotero 2.0, Scaffold has several advantages: the ability to test translators without actually saving items, faster debugging and automatic UUID generation. This project was therefore started to modify the existing code-base of Scaffold to support Zotero 2.0, and has resulted in the release of Scaffold 2.0.