Qsampler - A LinuxSampler Qt GUI Interface

Qsampler is a LinuxSampler GUI front-end application written in C++ around
the Qt framework using Qt Designer. At the moment it just wraps as a client
reference interface for the LinuxSampler Control Protocol (LSCP).

LinuxSampler is a work in progress. The goal is to produce a free, open source
pure software audio sampler with professional grade features, comparable to
both hardware and commercial Windows/Mac software samplers.

The initial platform will be Linux because it is one of the most promising
open source multimedia operating systems. Thanks to various kernel patches
and the Jack Audio Connection Kit, Linux is currently able to deliver rock
solid sub-5 millisecond MIDI-to-Audio response.

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License: GNU General Public License (GPL)


The software requirements for build and runtime are listed as follows:


  - Qt framework, C++ class library and tools for
        cross-platform application and UI development

  - liblscp, C library for LinuxSampler control protocol API.

  Optional (opted-in at build time):

  - libgig, C++ library for loading and modifying Gigasampler and DLS files.


The installation procedure follows the standard for source distributions.
Unpack the tarball and in the extracted source directory:

    ./configure [--prefix=/usr/local]

and optionally as root:

    make install

This procedure will end installing the following couple of files:


Just launch ${prefix}/bin/qsampler and you're off (hopefully).

Note that the default installation path ${prefix} is /usr/local.

If you're checking out from Git, you'll have to prepare the
configure script just before you proceed with the above instructions:



Qsampler holds its settings and configuration state per user, in a
file located as $HOME/.config/ .
Normally, there's no need to edit this file, as it is recreated and
rewritten everytime qsampler is run.


Plenty as this is still alpha software. Bug reports should be posted on
LinuxSampler bug tracker (


Qsampler is open source free software. For bug reports, feature requests,
discussion forums, mailling lists, or any other matter related to the
development of this piece of software, please use the LinuxSampler project
site (


rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela
rncbc at rncbc dot org