HTTPS SSH Java client

This is the official Java client of's SMS management application. You can either download the jar from the source's bin directory or clone this repository and build the client yourself. You can find the dependencies in the included POM file (Google's libphonenumber and Guava and Jackson).


First of all, when specifying a phone number as a String, you should opt for the E.164 format.

  • Bad: 32475001122
  • Bad: 0475001122
  • Bad: 0032475001122
  • Good: +32475001122

Prefer the methods with the PhoneNumber arguments.

Construct a client

String endpoint = "http://localhost:8000";
String user = "yourusername";
String pwd = "yourpassword";
Client client = new DefaultClient(endpoint, user, pwd);
String number = "+32475001122";

Working with subscriptions

When working with a number not yet registered with a contact in Bold or simply a number without subscriptions, calling findSubscriptions will return an empty list:

List<Subscriptions> subscriptions = client.findSubscriptions(number);

After subscribing that changes:

boolean subscribed = client.subscribe(number, "INFO");
if (subscribed) {
    System.out.println(number + " is now subscribed");
} else {
    System.out.println(number + " was already subscribed");
List<Subscriptions> subscriptions = client.findSubscriptions(number);
assertEquals(1, subscriptions.size());

Of course, unsubscribing changes that again:

boolean unsubscribed = client.unsubscribe(number, "INFO");
if (unsubscribed) {
    System.out.println(number + " is now unsubscribed");
} else {
    System.out.println(number + " wasn't subscribed");
List<Subscriptions> subscriptions = client.findSubscriptions(number);

Sending a message

Sending a message requires you to know the id of the hub (displayed on the hub's detail page).

String hubId = "5";
String content = "Hey there!";
OutboundSms sms = client.send(hubId, number, content, null);

This will send the message to the given number through the given hub and provide you with the registered information about that message. If you only want to send the message when the number is subscribed to for example CATFACTS, do this instead:

OutboundSms sms = client.send(hubId, number, content, "CATFACTS");

Replying to a message

Replying to a message is even easier:

long messageId = 123L;
OutboundSms reply = client.reply(messageId, "Thanks for the message!");


This repo includes a demo server for handling webhook actions from Bold. Run demo/java/io/bold/WebhookHandler and register its URL (default http://localhost:9000/) as the URL of a webhook action in a bucket of choice and you'll see inbound messages being logged to standard out.

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