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PyiB2c / Saving and loading behaviors and networks

Saving and loading behaviors and networks

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Save behaviors and networkd

With Py-iB2c we can store in a single file a behavior and load it afterwards to use it in another network. Similarly, once we have tested a network for a specific task, we can save it and reuse it as it was a single behavior module.

To save a behavior module, use the method store_behavior_module(self, ID, path='~', name=''):

  • ID: - int - ID of the module to be stored
  • path: - str - absolute path where the behavior will be saved
  • name: - str - name of the file

Similarly, we can save the complete network we have created with the method store_network(self, path='~', name='').

Load behaviors and networks

Since the network interfaces (input, stimulations, inhibitions, activities and ratings) are implemented in the same way than for a behavior module, we can equally load a saved network or a behavior and use it as a behavior module. To do that, the method add_external_behavior(self, name, path) is used. This method must be called before generating the network (before calling the method generate()).

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