The package ocgtools is designed to insert OGC (Optional Group
Content, known as layers) into PDF presentations. From the user's
point of view, the package allows to insert in an comfortable way any
TeX material into separate layers in PDF document and also insert
links which toggle theselayers on and off. Parts of the PDF document
like formatted text, tables, math formulas or graphics can be turned
to visible or inivisible state by clicking active links or buttons.

Similar packages are cooltooltips, pdfcomment, AcroTeX and
fancytooltips. See the ocgtools package documentation for differences
between ocgtools and the other packages.

The package is distributed with examples build from one source using
several presentation packages (beamer, web, pdfscreen). All necessary
files are on CATN and Texlive 2009.

Supported by the grant 131/2010 of Higher Education Development Fund