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The goal of rdocs is to provide templates for the documentation of R functions for R packages. Contains both a comprehensive template describing many of the available roxygen formatting, navigation, and functionality tags, as well as a minimal template with bare-minimum recommended tags and formatting for a single vs. family of functions.


You can install the released version of rdocs from Bitbucket with:



## Complete template with exhaustive documentation of available tags
rdocs_r_summary() # creates R/rdocs_r_summary.R file
rdocs_r_minimal() # creates R/rdocs_r_minimal.R file

Source code

Source code is available at Bitbucket, where you can file issues with suggestions, comments, or feedback.


Feel free to submit a pull request to contribute new templates or enhance the existing templates with better documentation or suggestions for new templates. Some ideas include data functions, common R motifs (usage of tidyeval for example).