Robert Kern committed 52fa2be

BUG: Work around the inability to use <object>NULL in recent Cythons.

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     PY_LONG_LONG hpTimer()
     double hpTimerUnit()
+cdef extern from "unset_trace.h":
+    void unset_trace()
 def label(code):
     """ Return a (filename, first_lineno, func_name) tuple for a given code
     def disable(self):
         self.last_time = {}
-        PyEval_SetTrace(NULL, <object>NULL)
+        unset_trace()
     def get_stats(self):
         """ Return a LineStats object containing the timings.
     url = '',
     ext_modules = [ 
-                  sources=[line_profiler_source, 'timers.c'],
+                  sources=[line_profiler_source, 'timers.c', 'unset_trace.c'],
+/* Hack to hide an <object>NULL from Cython. */
+#include "Python.h"
+void unset_trace() {
+    PyEval_SetTrace(NULL, NULL);
+void unset_trace();
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