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 kernprof is a convenient script for running either line_profiler or the Python
 standard library's cProfile or profile modules, depending on what is available.
+They are available under a `BSD license`_.
+.. _BSD license:
+The current release of the script may be downloaded separately here:
 To check out the development sources, you can use Mercurial_::
     $ hg clone
 After profiling, the `dump_stats(filename)` method will pickle the results out
 to the given file. `print_stats([stream])` will print the formatted results to
-sys.stdout or whatever stream you specify. `get_stats()` will return 2-tuple:
-a dictionary containing the results and the timer unit.
+sys.stdout or whatever stream you specify. `get_stats()` will return LineStats
+object, which just holds two attributes: a dictionary containing the results and
+the timer unit.
     $ python -m pstats
+Such files may also be viewed with graphical tools like kcachegrind_ through the
+converter program pyprof2calltree_ or RunSnakeRun_.
+.. _kcachegrind:
+.. _pyprof2calltree:
+.. _RunSnakeRun:
 Frequently Asked Questions
     Both line_profiler and kernprof have been tested with Python 2.4 and Python
     2.5. It might work with Python 2.3, and will probably work with Python 2.6.
+* I get negative line timings! What's going on?
+    This is a known bug on Windows. I'm working on it. If you see it anywhere
+    else, let me know.
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