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  FUPPES - the Free UPnP Entertainment Service

  copyright (C) 2005 - 2008 Ulrich Völkel <>

For information how to compile and install the software read the file INSTALL
shipped with this package.


  PCRE library (BSD license):

  libxml2 library (MIT license):

  SQLite (public domain)
optional (recommended) libs:
	UUID library (as-is) (e2fsporgs)
  Copyright (C) 1996, 1997, 1998 Theodore Ts'o
  TagLib (LGPL 2.1)
	ImageMagick (GPL like)

to use transcoding capabilities you need
    The non-mp3 encoder:
      LAME (LGPL)
		MPEG Audio Layer 2 encoder:
		  TwoLAME (LGPL)
  and depeding on which formats you want to transcode one or more
  of the following libraries
    For OGG/Voribs support:
      Vorbis (libvorbis) (Xiph License/Xiph's variant of the BSD License)
    For Musepack/MPC support:
      libmpcdec (BSD license):
    For FLAC support:
      libFLAC (Xiph License/Xiph's variant of the BSD License)


  regex.hpp 1.0 Copyright (c) 2003 Peter Petersen (
  Simple C++ wrapper for PCRE

  BASE64 decoding functions
  taken from:
  modified to handle line breaks

  RFC1321-based (RSA-free) MD5 library (as-is)

  parts of libdlna-0.2.3 (LGPL)

win32 binary package comes with:

  Copyright (c) 2006 University of Cambridge

  sqlite3.dll - sqlite-3.3.7
  Copyright (c),

  mpcdec.dll - libmpcdec-1.2.2
  Copyright (c), The Musepack Development Team
  see COPYING-MUSEPACK for details

  vorbisfile.dll - libvorbis-1.1.1 and libogg-1.1.2
  Copyright (c), The Xiph.Org Foundation
  see COPYING-VORBIS and COPYING-OGG for details

  libFLAC.dll - libflac-1.1.2
  Copyright (c), 2001,2002,2003,2004,2005  Josh Coalson
  see COPYING-FLAC for details

  libavfromat (svn revision 9027)

mpcdec.dll, vorbisfile.dll, libFLAC.dll and sqlite3.dll are compiled by myself.
The DevC++ project files can be found under

The "Free UPnP Entertainment Service" is distributed under the terms of the
GPL (GNU General Public License) version 2.
For detailed License-Information read the file COPYING shipped with this package.

UPnP is a trademark of the UPnP Implementers Corporation.
Other names and brands may be trademarks or registered trademarks of others.