Welcome to HaFFTS

The Haskell FFI binding to the FFTS (Fastest Fourier Transform in the South) library.


This library depends on you having installed FFTS on your machine. To do that first:

cd /path/to/checkout/dir
git clone
cd ffts
./configure --enable-sse --enable-single --prefix=/usr/local --enable-shared
sudo make install

Once you have done tat then you should have the FFTS library installed into your /usr/local directory.

Compiling HaFFTS

Haffts is a very simple library that you can install using cabal:

cd /path/to/haffts
cabal install

And then you will have this installed on your system. If you want to do some development on this library then I recommend using Cabal Sandboxes.

Contributing to this Library

If you want to contribute to this library:

  1. Raise an issue. Tell me what you are trying to do so that I can give advice and your PR has a greater chance of being accepted.
  2. Write the code.
  3. Raise a Pull Request. (I will review it and we will have some back and forth)

At this point in time I will merge it back into the main repository and everybody will have the benefit of your change. I love PR's! So please feel free to follow this three step guide.