# A Command Line Reddit Viewer written in Haskell ## Features * Browse reddit and any subreddits from within the terminal * Pagination * Search reddit * Ability to login to your account to view the customised front page * Ability to go forwards/backwards in the browsing history ## How to use For best viewing results, please make sure the terminal/command line window to be at least **80-character wide** and **50-character high** * **r** : Go to the front page * **r** _subreddit_ : Go to the specified subreddit * **g** _submission_index_ : When in the list view, read the comments of the submission * _enter/return key_ : Go to next page, applicable in both list and comment views * **a** _submission_index_ : When in the list view, display the content text associated with the article (Relevant for text based reddit submissions) * **a** : When in the comment view, display the text associated with the current submission * **open** _submission_index_ : When in the list view, open the link associated with the submission * **open** : When in the comment view, open the URL associated with the current submission * **search** _keywords_ : Search reddit with the specified keywords * **login** _username_ _password_ : Login, currently only useful for viewing user's customised front page * **back** : Go back to the last page/view * **forward** : Go forwards one page * **exit** : What it says ## Compile Notes Developed on the Haskell Platform 2010.2.0.0, the viewer can be compiled using ghc v6.10.4 with the following 3rd-party packages/libraries(Other versions/platforms of the compiler should do too, but I haven't gotten around to testing them yet) * json for Text.JSON * ansi-terminal for System.Console.ANSI * ansi-wl-pprint for Text.PrettyPrint.ANSI.Leijen ## License The source is released under the [MIT]( license.