JIRA Mobile Connect - JIRA Plugin.

This is the source code for JIRA Mobile Connect, a JIRA Plugin to make developing, testing and trouble shooting mobile Apps much easier. The client libraries for both Android and iOS are also avaliable free of charge and contain sample projects to help you get started. You can find them here: - JIRA Mobile Connect for iOS - JIRA Mobile Connect for Android


  1. Download the latest version of the plugin from
  2. In your JIRA (4.3 and above) instance, choose: Administration --> Plugins --> Install --> Upload Plugin.
  3. Upload the plugin jar
  4. That's it. You now need to enable JIRA Mobile Connect for 1 or more of your projects


  1. In the Admin section of JIRA, 'mobilise' your project via the 'JIRA Mobile Connect' Project Settings section.
  2. This will create and add 2 custom fields to your project: uuid for tracking mobile clients. location for optionally recording GPS co-ordinates.
  3. A special user named 'jiraconnectuser' will be lazily created the first time JIRA Mobile Connect is used. Ensure this user has the Create Permission in your mobilised project. This is the user that will create all issues from mobile users. If you are using Crowd or LDAP, you will need to create a user with this exact username 'jiraconnectuser' manually.
  4. An API Key is used to prevent unauthorised clients creating issues in this project. Keep this key secret.

To run and test this plugin locally, clone this repository then from the command line run:

$ mvn jira:debug

Or, if you have the Atlassian Plugin SDK installed on your machine then you can merely type in:

$ atlas-run