Robert Massaioli [Atlassian]  committed b60e0c1

CONNECT-255 - Responding to my own review comments.

I need to make sure, personally, that my changes make sense.

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  • Branches CONNECT-225-jira-6.0-api-fixes

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File src/main/java/com/atlassian/jconnect/jira/

-                    reporter().eq().string(user.getKey());
+                    reporter().eq().string(user.getUser().getName());
+            // In the previous line I used the username instead of the user key. This is why:
             final JqlClauseBuilder dateClause =

File src/main/java/com/atlassian/jconnect/jira/

         // store the issue
         issueManager.createIssueObject(user.getUser(), issue);
-        log.debug(String.format("User %s created issue %s: %s", user.getKey(), issue.getKey(), issue.getSummary()));
+        log.debug("User {} created issue {}: {}", new Object[] {user.getKey(), issue.getKey(), issue.getSummary()});
         return issue;
         FileUtils.copyFile(data.getInputStream(), attachmentFile, true);
         attachmentManager.createAttachment(attachmentFile, data.getFilename(), data.getContentType(), user.getUser(), issue);
-        log.debug(String.format("User %s attached %s to %s", user.getKey(), data.getFilename(), issue.getKey()));
+        log.debug("User {} attached {} to {}", new Object[] {user.getKey(), data.getFilename(), issue.getKey()});
     public ErrorCollection updateIssue(MutableIssue issue, IssueEntity issueEntity, UserWithKey user) throws UpdateException {