joomla-flickr / site / libraries / phpFlickr / auth.php

roberto.aloi 8174870 

    /* Last updated with phpFlickr 1.3.1
     * Edit these variables to reflect the values you need. $default_redirect 
     * and $permissions are only important if you are linking here instead of
     * using phpFlickr::auth() from another page or if you set the remember_uri
     * argument to false.
    $api_key                 = "[your api key]";
    $api_secret              = "[your api secret]";
    $default_redirect        = "/";
    $permissions             = "read";
    $path_to_phpFlickr_class = "./";

    require_once($path_to_phpFlickr_class . "phpFlickr.php");
	if (!empty($_GET['extra'])) {
		$redirect = $_GET['extra'];
    $f = new phpFlickr($api_key, $api_secret);
    if (empty($_GET['frob'])) {
        $f->auth($permissions, false);
    } else {
    if (empty($redirect)) {
		header("Location: " . $default_redirect);
    } else {
		header("Location: " . $redirect);
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