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Added instructions on admin panel and edited ita and eng language files.

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-// no direct access
-defined('_JEXEC') or die('Restricted access');
-echo JText::_('Jf_welcome');
+// no direct access
+defined('_JEXEC') or die('Restricted access');
+echo "<h1>" . JText::_('Jf_welcome') . "</h1>";
+echo "<h2>" . JText::_('Jf_instructions') . "</h2>";
+echo "<ul>";
+echo "<li>" . JText::_('Jf_instructions2') . "</li>";
+echo "<li>" . JText::_('Jf_instructions3') . "</li>";
+echo "<li>" . JText::_('Jf_instructions4') . "</li>";
+echo "<li>" . JText::_('Jf_instructions5') . "</li>";
+echo "<li>" . JText::_('Jf_instructions6') . "</li>";
+echo "<li>" . JText::_('Jf_instructions7') . "</li>";
+echo "</ul>";


-JF_WELCOME=Welcome to Joomla Flickr
+JF_WELCOME="It works!"
+JF_INSTRUCTIONS="The Joomla Flickr extension has been correctly installed. You can now configure it through the Joomla Menu Manager:"
+JF_INSTRUCTIONS3="Select the menu that you want to link to the new photogallery by clicking on the respective 'MENU ITEM(S)' column."
+JF_INSTRUCTIONS4="Click on NEW (top-right corner)"
+JF_INSTRUCTIONS5="Select 'Joomla Flickr' -> 'Joomlaflickr' -> 'Default Layout'"
+JF_INSTRUCTIONS6="Add the title you want to show on the menu and the other options."
+JF_INSTRUCTIONS7="On the right, open the 'PARAMETERS (COMPONENT)' box and configure it with your Flickr Key and Username."
 JF_ALBUMS_PRESENT=albums are present for
 JF_ALBUM_CONTAINS=The album contains


-JF_WELCOME=Benvenuti in Joomla Flickr
+JF_INSTRUCTIONS="L'estensione Joomla Flickr e' stata correttamente installata. E' ora possibile configurarla mediante il Menu Manager:"
+JF_INSTRUCTIONS3="Seleziona il menu in cui includere la photogallery, cliccando sulla rispettiva colonna 'MENU ITEM(S)'."
+JF_INSTRUCTIONS4="Cliccare su NUOVO (in alto a destra)"
+JF_INSTRUCTIONS5="Selezionare 'Joomla Flickr' -> 'Joomlaflickr' -> 'Default Layout'"
+JF_INSTRUCTIONS6="Aggiungere un titolo per il menu e configurare le altre opzioni"
+JF_INSTRUCTIONS7="Sulla destra, agire sui PARAMETRI COMPONENTE, inserendo la propria Flickr Key ed il proprio Flickr Username."
 JF_ALBUMS_PRESENT=albums sono presenti per
 JF_ALBUM_CONTAINS=L'album contiene
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